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About CanCred Passport

CanCred Passport is a free service for end users of Open Badge eCredentials. Your free Passport account is a secure place for you to:

  • Accept and upload Open Badges from any service that supports the Mozilla Open Badge standard
  • Store and manage your badges for future use
  • Display your badges on Pages, or “micro-portfolios” with other files and multimedia content
  • Share your badges on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

We’re a Canadian service and we comply with Canadian privacy laws.

About Open Badges

“Get recognition for skills you learn anywhere” openbadges.org

Open Badges is an open technology standard for eCredentialing developed by the Mozilla Foundation to recognize the learning, know-how, achievements, skills and attitudes that develop across peoples’ lives, not just in formal education. Although this phenomenon is still new, millions of badges have already been issued around the world. Soon you’ll start seeing more and more opportunities to earn badges through education, community service and in the workplace.

Open Badges are highly valuable for learners but also for educational institutions, non-profit organizations and private sector companies, who can use them to set goals, build learning pathways or to engage students or employees.

“Team Worker”, “Social Media Expert”, “Lead Coach”, “Successful Summer Worker”, “Student Tutor”, “Association Chair”… there are countless uses for Open Badges! You can create a free account and save your Open Badges into an Open Badge Passport. You can use them as supporting evidence when you apply for jobs or educational programs.

With CanCred Passport you can easily receive, save and organize your Open Badges and share them on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You can even create Pages or “micro-portfolios”around them. Take pride in your achievements and build a versatile and interesting gallery of your skills and know-how with CanCred Passport!


LEARN Quebec is excited to be pioneering Open Badge eCredentials on CanCred.ca for students, teachers, parents and employers in our communities. We’re looking forward to collaborating on Open Badge initiatives with our partners and colleagues here in Quebec and across Canada. Our goal is to build inclusive skills ecosystems using this flexible and modular technology for the authentic recognition of learning.

Michael Canuel, Ed.D.
Chair, Canadian e-Learning Network (CANeLearn)

Kwantlen Polytechnic University is pleased to be an early adopter of CanCred.ca. We see Open Badge eCredentials as a key building block to help us achieve the goals of our Academic Plan. Open Badges can map learning pathways that connect theory to practice. Open Badges can also connect our students to our community as they work with local industries, solving real world problems and driving innovation in our region.

At Kwantlen we believe that learning happens everywhere and we’re committed to open educational practices that help our students grow, demonstrate and be recognized for their capabilities. CanCred.ca’s Open Badge system will help us get there.

Alan Davis
President and Vice-Chancellor Kwantlen Polytechnic University

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