The CanCred platform was upgraded again on June 28, with a number of exciting new community features:

  • News feed - news items will keep users up to date on the latest developments with the service. Switch on or off.
  • Instant messaging - send instant messages to your contacts and members of your spaces. Switch on or off.
  • QR codes- share public badges, Pages and Profiles more easily with employers
  • Spaces - dedicated “mini passports” for organisations and networks to build learning communities. These will start to appear as organisations build them.
  • MiniMaps - a tool in Spaces to build diverse learning pathways that look like subway maps. Learning pathways are already under construction..
  • Weekly Summary - an email containing notifications about your activity and the community, sent to your address once a week. Switch on or off.

MiniMaps in Spaces - flexible learning pathways